Mobile Research Nursing

In accordance with most recent trends in clinical research, an increasing proportion of study procedures may be conducted in a comfort of patient´s own social environment (eg. home, work, school). Utilization of experienced Research Nurses in close co-operation with site study team is highly attractive in many indications like orphan diseases, studies in children, the elderly, terminal cancer etc…, and becomes a key factor motivating the patients to enter a clinical trial, participate for required period of time and comply with study requirements. Utilization of Research Nurses also helps to build an outstanding relationship with patients, alleviates stress and improves the overall patient experience.

Riddle Research offers clinical research nursing services as a part of full service clinical project, or as a customized standalone service on a “rent-a-nurse” basis. Our Research Nurses may be utilized both on-site and off-site. As of February 1st 2018, Riddle Research possesses full licence issued by local regulatory authorities to provide research nursing services. Thus we are bound to adhere to all requirements of local legislations. We offer not just general nursing services, but we employ only trained, experienced research nurses performing clinical trial work on a daily basis. Proficiency in English language is a standard skill of our nurses.

Procedures which can be performed in patient´s own social environment include but are not limited to:

  • Vital functions monitoring, measurement and recording (Blood Pressure, Heart Beat Rate, Temperature, ECG, Spirometry, etc…)
  • Blood and other biological samples collection, processing and transport in a temperature controlled environment
  • Delivery and administration of the Investigational Product in a temperature controlled environment
  • Completion of CRFs, e-CRFs, Patient Questionnaires (eg. Quality of Life etc…), Diary compliance checks
  • Adverse event assessment and safety evaluation
  • Concomitant medication reporting

Each of our nurses is supplied with the portable kits and equipment which they take to all home visits, allowing them to perform all required procedures as above.

Our Mobile Research Nurses are qualified for individual performance of health care services and thoroughly trained on Good Clinical Practice and project-specific procedures. They are flexible enough, within the protocol schedules, to perform study visits either early in the morning or later in the evening after school or work. Alternatively, we can even conduct the visits at the patient’s work or school. Research Nurses are provided with a detailed project-specific Manual describing all the procedures to be performed at each specific visit timepoint. An infrastructure is in place within Riddle Research to provide assistance, technical support and quality control on Research Nurses´ work.

Utilization of Mobile Research Nurses has been proven to be an ideal method to minimise patient´s trips to the hospital and/or clinic, whilst maintaining the high level of involvement usually required as part of a clinical trial.