Project Management

  • Our Project Managers are adequately qualified clinical research professionals, possessing relevant experience. Many of them also worked in other related areas of clinical research, mainly as CRAs. They have been trained to be the real „owners“ of the project, independently capable to plan, manage and execute all study related activities.
  • They have outstanding knowledge of GCP guidelines, applicable SOPs, laws,  and working practices. As communication is a key success factor in each and every trial, they work closely with the client to accommodate client’s priorities and implement ideas and solutions in order to deliver highest quality data within given timelines and budget.
  • All our PMs possess excellent communication and organization skills, high attention to detail, are flexible and able to prioritize, and are fluent in both spoken and written English. They take part in an excellent ongoing clinical training programmes.
  • Riddle Research offers Project Management services as a part of full service clinical project, or as a customized standalone service on a „rent-a-PM“ basis.