Patient Recruitment

  • Recruitment of study subjects is a critical milestone in every clinical trial. Issues with slow recruitment are the most frequent problem reported by study sponsors, significantly influencing the budget and duration of the study.


  • Based on our local clinical trial experience we are able to create a patient recruitment strategy leading to the success of your clinical study.


  • Due to well-maintained relationship with local key opinion leaders in all therapeutic areas we can customize recruitment campaigns and tactics to each study tailored to specific study requirements and patients needs.


  • We contribute to maximize the effectiveness of recruitment budget and ensure patients are at the focus of our efforts.


  • We provide talented, experienced Subject Enrollment Specialists who come across very well on the phone. Our call center becomes a central point of communication for any potential patients and caregivers sourced from advertising.


  • Patient Pre-screening is a critical step in the recruitment process. This is done remotely via telephone using tailored Pre-screening Questionnaires. Patient Pre-screening process ensures that only relevant patients are being referred to the nearest study site so that the study site personnel do not waste any time considering non-eligible patients.


  • By scheduling appointments with patients and managing study visit reminders via text, email, and phone we are able to increase patient retention and reduce burden on the site.