Clinical and Site Staff Training

  • Riddle Research understands that Training is a key factor limitating staff performance, and directly influencing quality of the outcome.
  • Each team member at Riddle Research has to pass the Induction Training Module at the beginning of their employment at Riddle Research.
  • Each team member at Riddle Research has to participate in an ongoing clinical training and development programme which is tracked in each staff’s detailed Training Records.
  • All training activities at Riddle Research are provided using variety of methods and tools and utilizing both internal and external trainers. Special attention is paid to „face to face“ training methods despite of the costs, as these have been proven the most valuable and effective ones.
  • Riddle Research offers Training services, both focused on team members training and on-site staff training, as a part of full service clinical project, or as a customized standalone service on a „rent-a-trainer“ basis.